Company Vision & Mision


Become the main SOE mover active in accelerating the development of sustainable infrastructure for improving the quality of life of Indonesian society.


Ensure accelerated fulfillment of sustainable infrastructure development by providing assurance and added value for infrastructure development that:

  1. Has the greatest impact of benefit to the people of Indonesia./li>
  2. Protecting the interests of the Government in the fulfillment of infrastructure development through a transparent and accountable process.
  3. Increase investor's trust by providing investment comfort and certainty of payment on claim of loss risk of a cooperative infrastructure project in cooperation.


  • To improve creditworthiness and quality of PPPs in infrastructure projects by establishing a clear and consistent appraisal and claim framework for guarantees.
  • To improve the governance and transparency of guarantee provision.
  • To facilitate the deal flow for Contracting Agencies (i.e. Ministries, SOEs, Regional Governments) by providing guarantees to well-structured PPPs.
  • To ring-fence Government contingent liability and minimize sudden shock to State Budget.