The signing of the SPAM Pekanbaru City PPP Project Guarantee Agreement

16 DECEMBER 2020

On (16/12), PT PII carried out an online ceremonial activity signing an agreement related to Government guarantees for PPP Projects in the Drinking Water sector, namely Pekanbaru City Drinking Water Supply System (SPAM).

The Pekanbaru City SPAM project is a 750 lpd capacity SPAM construction and operation project with a Capex value of Rp 499.9 billion (excluding distribution network). Through the Pekanbaru City SPAM Project, PDAM Tirta Siak is expected to increase its capacity to serve up to 61,000 SL, or nearly four times the capacity of the current number of customers served.

For information, the Pekanbaru City SPAM Project is the 30th project that gets a guarantee scheme from PT PII and the 4th SPAM Project after Umbulan SPAM, Bandar Lampung SPAM and West Semarang SPAM. It is hoped that this guarantee scheme will increase confidence for investors and financial institutions to participate more actively in infrastructure development.