PT PII Together with the Ministry of Finance and Communication and Information Technology Signals Test for the Middle Palapa Ring PPP Scheme Project

18 JANUARY 2019

Tahuna - Sangihe Islands, January 18, 2019 - On this day, Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund / IIGF held a Signal Test project for the Public Private Partnership (PPP) project of the Middle Palapa Ring Together with the Minister of Finance, Minister of Communication & Information (Kominfo), Minister of Health and Minister of Transportation and Governor of North Sulawesi.

The Central Palapa Ring PPP project signal test event was held in Kota Tahuna, the capital of the Sangihe Islands Regency with the agenda of the Minister of Finance and Minister of Communication and Informatics conducting a video conference with the Minister of Health and Minister of Transportation in Jakarta to test the Central Palapa Ring project.

The Sangihe Islands which are the location of the PII event are located on the lip of the Pacific Ocean and between the islands of Sulawesi and the island of Mindanao Philippines, making this location one of the outer borders of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

PT PII provides guarantees for the Palapa Ring Tengah project starting March 2016, where the Palapa Ring Central Package project will later fulfill data-based telecommunications needs with a fiber optic cable network that reaches 17 districts and remote cities in the Central Indonesia region, namely Kalimantan, Sulawesi and North Maluku, up to the Sangihe Talaud Islands.

Minister of Finance, Mrs. Sri Mulyani stated that the Palapa Ring project is a series of government efforts in building the availability of fiber optic network service infrastructure as the backbone of the national telecommunications system and is evidence of the government's seriousness in meeting public infrastructure needs, especially the telecommunications sector and accelerating the implementation of Strategic Infrastructure Projects / National priority.

"The Ministry of Finance gives full support to this project, through facilities owned and through state-owned enterprises under the finance ministry in including project guarantee facilities, project preparation and assistance to availability payment schemes which ultimately support the implementation of alternative financing or creative financing schemes through PPP, Minister of Finance continued .

The Minister of Communication and Information, Mr. Rudiantara, also explained that with good cooperation and strong commitment between the Ministry of Communication and Information, the Ministry of Finance, the Executing Agency and PT PII as Government Guarantee, the Palapa Ring Tengah project could be successful, timely and make the Palapa project This ring is a pilot project for PPP schemes, "said Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara.

"As stated in the vision and mission of the Company to support domestic infrastructure development especially in the outermost, remote and foremost points in Indonesia, we hope that the presence of available internet connections in the Sangihe Islands can provide convenience for the entire community, including supporting government activities , even distribution of education, even moves the economy wheel for potential regions, "explained Armand

Furthermore Armand Hermawan stated that the Palapa Ring Central Package signal test event initiated by PT PII is expected to show the community one of the concrete forms of the benefits of the PPP scheme for Indonesia. This is also inseparable from the support of the Ministry of Finance and the commitment of the Ministry of Communication and Information as the Person in Charge of the Cooperation Project (PJPK) so that the Palapa Ring Middle project, which has now finished its construction, will be fully functional, providing tremendous benefits to the community.