PT PII and the University of Distance Learning Trilogy

01 MAY 2019

Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Corporation (PT) / PT PII as one of the Ministry of Finance's Special Mission Vehicles (SMV) in collaboration with the Trilogy University, Tuesday (04/30/2019). Both parties held Tele-teaching activities for 90 elementary school teachers in Ranai, Natuna, Riau Islands and Timika, Papua.

The distance education was witnessed by Minister of Communication and Information RI Rudiantara and Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture Muhajir Effendy. Distance learning by utilizing fast internet that is connected via fiber fiber network, video connection from Timika, Natuna and Jakarta is very smooth. The use of this infrastructure is expected to accelerate the distribution of quality education in the country.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information Rudiantara in his speech which was broadcast live from Timika, said that the Palapa Ring project was present to provide benefits to the community. That is in the availability of internet networks which in the future will reach all regions of Indonesia.

"The utilization of the Palapa Ring network developed by the Ministry of Communication and Information is intended for the benefit of the wider community. One of them is to support the world of distance education," he said, Tuesday (4/30/2019).

Furthermore, Rudiantara said, with the availability of an internet network that connects one region to another, it could also support the national education program.

"Where teaching and education programs for teachers and students can be carried out without face to face meetings but through network connections," explained Rudiantara at Pomako Elementary School, Timika.

Meanwhile, Indonesian Minister of Education and Culture Muhajir Effendy expressed his appreciation at the initiative of PT PII and the Trilogy University for the Teleteaching activities. He also expressed his gratitude to the Indonesian Minister of Communication and Information for the availability of Palapa Ring infrastructure.

"Because it helps educators and students access information quickly for teaching and learning needs. Our hope is that this teleteaching activity is a start and example for other educational institutions to be able to also use Palapa Ring technology to increase the capacity of educators and instructors in all regions in Indonesia. , "he said.

Meanwhile, the Tele-teaching event was held directly in three places, namely in the City of Jakarta and Natuna (Utilization of the West Palapa Ring Project) and Timika (Utilization of the East Palapa Ring Project). In collaboration with the local Education Office, in this Tele-Teaching activity, the Trilogi University Teaching and Education Faculty lecturers gave short teaching to Elementary School (SD) teaching teachers in Natuna and Timika regarding Debriefing Classroom Action Research.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT PII Armand Hermawan said that Tele-teaching is expected to show the community one of the tangible forms of the benefits of the Government Cooperation with Business Entity (PPP) scheme for Education in Indonesia. This is also inseparable from the support of the Ministry of Finance and the commitment of the Ministry of Communication and Information as the Person in Charge of the Cooperation Project (PJPK) so that the West and East Palapa Ring projects can benefit the community.

"In accordance with PT PII's mission to support the development of domestic infrastructure, especially in the outermost, remote and foremost points in Indonesia, we hope that the presence of an internet connection available in the Natuna and Timika Islands can provide convenience for the entire community. Especially for education through Tele-teaching activities, "explained Armand.

 In the three West, Central and East Palapa Ring projects, PT PII provided a guarantee to the project to provide security for Palapa Ring investors and improve project feasibility in the eyes of the finance banks.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor of the University Trilogy Dr. Sahnaz Ubud hopes that this excellent activity will continue after this event is finished. Because the sustainability of this program will provide many benefits for both Lecturers, Teachers and students and students.

"This is a pilot program for education in Indonesia and in general with the Palapa Ring, it is expected that there will also be equity in the education sector," he concluded.