Project Preparation and Infrastructure Project Transaction Assistance

Project Preparation and Project Development Facility (PDF) Assistance by Assigning the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia

The Ministry of Finance has shown its readiness and commitment to support the PPP scheme. The Ministry of Finance has provided facilities and government support, namely the project development facility (PDF)

In order to finance the provision of infrastructure in Indonesia, the Ministry of Finance has government support facilities and government guarantees that can encourage private sector participation to support infrastructure development through the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme. Government support facilities provided by the Ministry of Finance are managed by the Directorate of Government Support Management and Infrastructure Financing (Direktorat PDPPI).

PDF (Project Development Facility) is one of the facilities provided by the Ministry of Finance to help PJPK prepare pre-feasibility studies, tender documents, and assist PJPK in PPP project transactions to achieve financing from financing institutions (financial close) as stated in the Minister of Finance Regulation number 265 2015 concerning Facilities for the Preparation and Implementation of Transactions for Government and Business Entity Cooperation Projects in the Provision of Infrastructure.