Mewujudkan Penjaminan Proyek Pembangunan Infrastruktur

IIGF engages the services of external consultants to assist in the various processes involved in developing a guarantee structure for infrastructure projects.

The involvement of independent external consultant is needed to ensure the quality and credibility of output at each stage of the guarantee process, starting from the project screening, project appraisal and guarantee structuring stages. In these processes, IIGF utilizes the services of expert consultants in various specific areas such as legal, corporate legal, finance, project management, and other areas of expertise.

13 DECEMBER 2016 - 10 JANUARY 2017 Closed

Pengadaan Jasa Konsultan Lingkungan, Sosial & Pengadaan Tanah

PENGUMUMAN SELEKSI UMUM Konsultan Lingkungan, Sosial dan Pengadaan Tanah PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (persero) No.:    /PBJ/12/2016 PT. Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero) adalah BUMN yang sedang tumbuh de...

24 OCTOBER 2016 - 28 OCTOBER 2016 Closed

Pengumuman Seleksi Umum Konsultan Survey Lalu Lintas untuk Proyek Jalan Toll PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero)

Panitia Pengadaan PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero) mengundang Konsultan yang berpengalaman dalam bidang Survey Lalu Lintas Jalan Tol maupun Non Tol untuk dimasukkan kedalam Pool Of Consultant dengan kemungkinan penugasan jangka pendek maupun jangka panjan...

09 MAY 2016 - 18 MAY 2016 Closed

Risk Based Capital Framework Development

Request for Expression of Interest Risk-based Capital Framework Development for Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) or PT Penjaminan Infrastruktur Indonesia (Persero) is...

28 MAY 2014 - 07 JUNE 2015 Closed

Request for Expressions of Interest Project Appraisal & Underwriting Consultant Services for Railway Sector

Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund “IIGF” is a growing State-Owned Company with the main business of providing guarantees for Public Private Partnership (PPP) infras...

16 OCTOBER 2013 - 25 OCTOBER 2013 Closed

Invitation to Request for Expression of Interest for Risk Impact Analysis of The Project

IIGF is looking for risk consultant which the objective of the assignment is to assist IIGF in evaluating its risks from the Project focusing on the IIGF&rs...

27 SEPTEMBER 2013 - 07 OCTOBER 2013 Closed

Invitation for Expression of Interest Corporate Legal Advisory Services

In general the scope of work of legal advisory Consultants are: Providing consultation, advice and/or opinion on all field of law affecting IIGF’s business activities;...

28 AUGUST 2013 - 02 SEPTEMBER 2013 Closed

Public Auction for Development and Implementation of Risk Monitoring Software Application

The Procurement Committee will conduct a Public Tender (post-qualification) for the procurement of services for Risk Monitoring application development and impleme...