"Laskar Hijau" As A Pioneer For Enviromental Awareness

27 JANUARY 2015

Mitra Bentala, Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) and "Kampung Hijau" held a workshop home learning environment in implementing the environmental awareness program in Lampung. These activities were held at Anyelir room, Begadang Restaurant and was a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program from Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund aimed to see the progress of the "Laskar Hijau" program.

"Kampung Hijau" activist, Rini, explained that children got special attention because of their age can be easily taught about the values of environmental awareness with a simple words. "We can take garbage problem as an example. Children who are included in "Laskar Hijau" now could sorting the garbage themselves and sell it to us. They even keep the snack packs for the deposit to the "Bank Sampah". Well, the children are already understand about the green environment concept so that we hope thair parents could understand as well." he said.

Meanwhile, IIGF CSR Coordinator, Intan Oktora, said that IIGF contribution in "Kampung Hijau" project was a proof of their care for the environment, particularly in ensuring the availability of clean water, "When we talk about clean water, we talk about the environment as well. "Kampung Hijau" is so unique because of their main target is children," he said.

Aside from talking about the progress of "Laskar Hijau", CSR IIGF and Bandar Lampung Municipal Government, the next step of IIGF support for the community was also being discussed. The workshop also showed variants recycled products, traditional dance and the poetry show by the children of "Kampung Hijau".(*)