Indonesia Infrasctructure Guarentee Fund Facilitated The Establishment Of University Network For National Infrastructure Development

16 DECEMBER 2015

Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund (IIGF) through the IIGF Institute facilitated the establishment of University Network for Infrastructure Development (UNIID) on December 16, 2015. UNIID is expected to become a forum for academia to exchange informations over the development of infrastructure in Indonesia.

The establishment of UNIID was a part of IIGF National Seminar events on December 16, 2015. Facilitated by IIGF, UNIID was established considering the strategic role of academia as government and stakeholder partners in supporting infrastructure development. “University support through UNIID shall provide positive contribution to the acceleration of national infrastructure development”, said Sinthya Roesly as President Director of IIGF.

This event was attended by rectors and university leaders nationwide and also witnessed by the Minister of Research and Technology, Mohammad Nasir, presenting the Ministry support to UNIID. Currently, there are 20 universities in Indonesia who have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with IIGF through IIGF Institute. In the future, there will be 32 universities across Indonesia expected to join UNIID.

UNIID Chariman, Prof. Danang Parikesit, hoped that the institution could accommodate each university’s various potential to contribute toward the development of national infrastructure. While becoming a forum for academia in research and education activities related to infrastructure, UNIID is also expected to become a media between academia for sustainable communication especially in analyzing cases of infrastructure projects. Thus, UNIID shall provide valuable inputs for stakeholders in the field of infrastructure, particularly governments, investors, banks, pushing toward the speedy delivery of Indonesia’s infrastructure.