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Satellite Multifunction

Date : 03 May 2019

The government signed a guarantee agreement and a regress of a project of government cooperation with a business entity (PPP) in the Multifunctional Satellite Project (SMF). The total value of the project reaches IDR 21 trillion. The value of the project includes the activities of design, construction, launch, operation, until maintenance during the 15-year concession period.

Project Information



   Project Value

  6,928 Billion


  150 Gbps


  Availability Payment (AP)


  Ministry of Telecommunication and Information

  Business Entity

  PT Satelit Nusantara Tiga

  Guarantee Agreement

  May 3, 2019


  15 Years


The plan, the satellite named Satellite Republic of Indonesia (SATRIA) will begin construction in late 2019 by satellite manufacturer from France, Thales Alenia Space. With high-speed internet technology that can reach up to the rural level, Darmin hopes the community can feel the benefits. For example, in terms of cutting the distribution chain, farmers can use internet-based applications that can connect farmers and consumers.