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Corporate Social Responsibility Overview


Since the establishment of the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund /IIGF is actively implementing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a concern aimed to support people who are in the vicinity of the infrastructure projects supported by IIGF.

The focus of IIGF CSR is mainly in the field of education as a form of long-term investment to improve the quality of human resources infrastructure projects around the community as part of the mitigation of social impacts of infrastructure development in the area.

The programs include training to students and teachers, education support facilities such as books, computers, props, etc., and physical infrastructure such as building schools and libraries in accordance with the needs of the local community.

In the implementation of CSR program, educational institutions and social agencies / local NGO involved as a partner who has local knowledge and wisdom to be able to more effectively reach and meet the real needs of the target communities. The implementation of the program always involves the participation of members of the community to improve the sense of community.