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Guarantee Capacity

IIGF’s scope of guarantees will be the CA’s financial obligations under the PPP contract which is based on a proper risk allocation.

In structuring the guarantee, IIGF will have access to the guarantee which derived from:

  • IIGF’s capital;
  • Multilateral Development Agencies such as the World Bank or other relevant institutions; and/or
  • The Government of Indonesia as Co-Guarantor.

Financial Capacity

The Government of Indonesia has injected capital of Rp4.5 trillion into the IIGF from the Indonesian State Budget. Over time, IIGF may reduce its dependency on the State Budget by increasing its guarantee capacity through various partnership with other guarantee institution multilateral agencies, and bilateral institution as stipulated in the Presidential Regulation No. 78 of 2010.

Management Capacity and Corporate Governance

IIGF has placed quality professionals from various background of knowledge and occupations in senior management level and other key positions. IIGF’s management capacity and corporate governance is continuously being strengthened through its partnership with credible and relevant organizations. Among them is partnership with World Bank (WB) and the Singapore Cooperation Enterprise (SCE) in developing a world-class corporate governance structure and operational manual based on international best practice.