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The increasing demand for infrastructure development to support Indonesia’s economic growth has led the Government of Indonesia to provide fiscal support and a better framework in attracting private investment and participation of a measurable scale

On December 30, 2009 the Government of Indonesia has established Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund or IIGF, as a State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) under the Ministry of Finance which is responsible on providing government guarantees for infrastructure projects developed under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme.

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Infrastructure project that can be guaranteed by IIGF must be a Public Private Partnership project which comply with Presidential Regulation No. 38 of 2015 concerning Cooperation Between Government And Business Entities In infrastructure provision.

The project must, among others, be technically and financially feasible, and be in compliance with law and regulations related to their respective sectors.

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IIGF Institute
IIGF Institute

IIGF has established IIGF Institute (IIGFI) as part of its strategy to strengthen the capacity of its respective stakeholders in terms of understanding, planning and implementation of infrastructure project developed through the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) schemes.

IIGFI pursues its objectives by the provision of training, research, as well as broadening the coverage and outreach of the government, private sector and society in general, while also considering the possibility fot the development of this institute in a wider scope.

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IIGF actively carries out CSR activities as a form of its concern and direct contribution to the efforts in improving the social welfare of nearby communities.

The focus of IIGF CSR is mainly in the field of education as a form of long-term investment to improve the quality of human resources infrastructure projects around the community as part of the mitigation of social impacts of infrastructure development in the area.

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