BUMN PT PII Wins Asia Infrastructure Award

24 JUNE 2019

The BUMN Indonesian Infrastructure Guarantee Corporation (Persero) / PT PII received the Asia Infrastructure Award as the "PPP Agency of the Year 2019" in the Institution Award category, in Singapore.
The award was given by The Asset, one of the integrated multi-media companies focused on the financial industry in Asia.

This award strengthens PT PII's position as the only single window of the Government Guarantee Policy in the Public Private Partnership (PPP) scheme in the Asian region.
PT PII Managing Director Armand Hermawan said that this achievement was also expected to increase investor confidence and lenders in investing and financing national infrastructure projects.

"This achievement is inseparable from the efforts of all PII ranks, as well as very meaningful support from the Ministry of Finance as shareholders and all stakeholders. This achievement has encouraged PT PII to continue to carry out its responsibilities as well as possible, and continue its contribution in encouraging the acceleration of infrastructure development in Indonesia, "Armand was quoted as saying in his press release.

He said, Indonesia had successfully developed a PPP scheme as an infrastructure financing innovation that had been accepted by the market with the provision of guarantees for 22 PPP schemes in the toll road, transportation, drinking water, electricity and telecommunications sectors.

On a separate occasion, Indonesian Finance Minister Sri Mulyani Indrawati expressed her appreciation to PT PII for the award.
"This award is an international recognition of the contribution of IIGF. Through PT PII's guarantee and strategic initiatives, the PPP scheme can be implemented by the Government as the Cooperation Project Responsible Agency (PJPK) and accepted by investors. The Ministry of Finance encourages PPPs as an alternative scheme for national infrastructure financing. Through a Special Mission Vehicle (SMV) such as PT PII, the gap in infrastructure financing in the APBN can be overcome, "continued the Minister of Finance.

The Minister of Finance also explained the importance of the role and mandate of PT PII in assisting the PJPK for project development facilities (PDF), especially in ensuring that projects are prepared properly and appropriately so that they can be accepted by the market.

PT PII's participation in the Joint PPP Office (PPP Office) with related institutions is a form of active collaboration in answering the concerns of the GCA and investors in the project.

The program "The Asset Triple A Asia Infrastructure Awards 2019" was held in a series of discussion panels "The 4th Asia Infrastructure Finance Leaders Dialogue". The President Director of PT PII was a guest speaker at one of the panel sessions entitled "Infrastructure Projects in Asia: Looking Back and Looking Ahead" with the moderator Managing Editor of The Asset. Audiences at the discussion included international banking institutions and investment companies.