Announcement of the Prequalification of Procurement for Business Entities Implementing Government Cooperation Projects with Business Entities for the Preservation of the Sumatra Timur Cross Road in Riau Province


The Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of the Republic of Indonesia c.q. The Directorate General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing and the Directorate General of Highways intend to carry out the procurement of the Implementing Business Entity (BUP) for the PPP Project for the Preservation of the Trans-Sumatran East Road in Riau Province (“Project”).

Return on investment for the Project Implementing Business Entity is in the form of an Availability Payment. The aims and objectives of the Project implementation are as an effective solution for the acceleration of national development, so as to provide good quality of the Sumatra Timur Trans-Road in Riau Province.

The project will be implemented based on Law Number 38 of 2004 concerning Roads and Presidential Regulation Number 38 of 2015 concerning Government Cooperation with Business Entities in the Provision of Infrastructure along with its implementing regulations. The project is in the process of obtaining a Government Guarantee.

The form of project collaboration is Build Operate Transfer with the scope of the Project covering funding, technical planning (preparation of Detailed Engineering Design / Detailed Engineering Plans for roads, bridges, and facilities for Motor Vehicle Weighing Implementation Unit (UPPKB)), road construction implementation, bridges and UPPKB facilities, operation and maintenance of existing roads and bridges during the construction period, and operation and maintenance of UPPKB roads, bridges and facilities after the construction period, in which BUP is obliged to surrender road assets, bridges and UPPKB facilities located on the road Lintas Timur Sumatra in Riau Province to the Government at the end of the cooperation period. The estimated investment value of the Project is Rp. 585,303,269,779, -

Interested business entities can register and take the Prequalification Documents at:

Date: 4 September 2020 - 17 September 2020 (Weekdays)
Time: 09.00 - 16.00 WIB
Place: Secretariat of the Procurement Committee
Directorate General of Public Works and Housing Infrastructure Financing
Minister For Public Works and Human Settlements
Address: Jl. Raden Patah I No. 1, Building A2, 4th Floor
Kebayoran Baru - South Jakarta 12110, Indonesia

Requirements for prospective pre-qualification participants:

  1. In the form of a legal entity in the form of a Limited Liability Company or foreign legal entity, either singly or in a consortium;
  2. Prospective pre-qualification participants within the last 5 (five) years must have experience and ability in the implementation of the provision of similar infrastructure, namely toll road concessions, construction and / or maintenance of toll roads, roads and / or bridges as evidenced by a copy of the concession agreement. , construction contracts, and / or maintenance contracts;
  3. Prospective participants have had successful experience in financing and / or obtaining financing for the provision of infrastructure for at least 1 (one) project in the last 15 (fifteen) years, or the longest since January 2005. The success experience referred to means that the project has has reached the fulfillment of financing (financial close) and / or has reached the operational stage and the contract did not experience premature termination or default; and
  4. Meet other requirements specified in the Prequalification Document.

Prospective pre-qualification participants must meet the requirements for taking the Prequalification Documents as follows:

  1. Submit a copy of evidence showing the party authorized to represent the Business Entity or Business Entity Consortium;
  2. Submit a power of attorney from the party authorized to represent the Business Entity or Consortium of Business Entities accompanied by a copy of the articles of association and the latest deed of directors or consortium agreement (if the Prequalification Document is taken through a proxy);
  3. Applicants show their original identity and submit a copy; and
  4. Registrants may not represent more than one Business Entity or Consortium of Business Entities.

Jakarta, 4 September 2020
Executive Business Entity Procurement Committee
Government Cooperation Project with Business Entities (PPP Project) for the Preservation of Sumatra's East Cross Road in Riau Province