Project Information & Monitoring Update

16 Dec 2020 WATER SECTOR

Pekanbaru City Water Supply System

The Pekanbaru City Drinking Water Supply System Project is a project to build and operate the Pekanbaru City Drinking Water Supply System with a capacity of 750 lpd with a Capex value of Rp. 499.9 billion (outside the distribution network)

Currently, PDAM Pekanbaru City can only serve around 9.3% of the total population of Pekanbaru City. The Pekanbaru City SPAM project is expected to increase Subscription Line (SL) by ± 48,500 SL so that current subscribers can reach ± 61,000 SL. Thus, the Pekanbaru City SPAM Project can increase the number of PDAM Pekanbaru City customers by nearly 4 times the current SL condition.


Project Information

Project Signing 16 Dec 2020
Project Value IDR 499 Billion
Contracting Agency Pekanbaru City Government
Business Entity PT PP Tirta Madani
Characteristic 750 Lpd (Liter per Second)
Duration of Guarantee 15 Years
Location Pekanbaru City