Encouraging Sustainable Infrastructure Development for Indonesian People

PT PII's operational activities do not actually have a substantial impact on the environment and society, but we are still committed to managing negative impacts that arise on the community. This is manifested in the Environmental and Social Safeguard Policies that are implemented in providing project guarantees, to ensure that the Project Responsible Agency has applied the precautionary principle so that environmental and social risks can be adequately assessed, measured, monitored and mitigated.

In addition, PT PII in providing infrastructure guarantees will ensure that the Project has met labor and work safety aspects, and is committed to promoting fair, non-discriminatory treatment, and providing equal opportunities for all people regardless of gender or racial issues.


Environmental and Social Safeguard Principles for Sustainable Infrastructure

As a form of IIGF's commitment to managing environmental and social impacts, we will conduct a project assessment to ensure compliance with the Protection Principles before providing a project guarantee. We will assist the person in charge of the project in the preparation and execution of the project with tools that can identify the environmental and social risks of the Project and an appropriate and comprehensive risk mitigation plan. This is an effort to minimize the negative impacts of the Project and promote positive impacts of the Project for the community.

To date, PT PII has promoted infrastructure projects that can reduce carbon emissions to minimize the impact on climate change. This is in line with government programs that have committed to contribute globally to reducing carbon emissions to minimize the impact of climate change. In addition, IIGF always encourages infrastructure projects that aim to mitigate and / or adapt to the impacts of climate change.